A Shin Compression Sleeve Helped This Old Man Overcome A Middle-Age Crisis

The first time I ever had shin splits was during my junior year of high school. It was track season, and I had recently decided that since I kept getting last in the sprints, that perhaps I should try long distance. It was a whole different type of running, and within two weeks, my shin pain sidelined me for a week.

That was over twenty years ago, and there was no such thing as a shin compression sleeve back then. However, today when I run, I do it with a sleeve over both shins. A couple of years ago, right around when most men hit their mid-life crisis, I started running. I had not run since high school, but I needed to do something. Like many of my friends, I was a middle-aged man that did not run, exercise or watch what I ate.

Thankfully, I was not a complete moron, and I realized that I was not in high school anymore and that I needed to start slowly. (By the way, I also got last in the long distant events.) So, I started walking at first, then I would mix in some intervals of jogging, but I took it slow.

It turns out that I was doing a good thing because I was allowing my legs to get stronger without over-working them. So, as I started becoming a runner, I did not have many of the aches and injuries that are typical for runners my age. That is until I decided to start training for a marathon.

I increased my weekly mileage substantially, and my shin pain in high school reared its ugly head and sidelined me again. However, this time was different because of the invention of the shin compression sleeve. Like I said earlier, I wear one over each shin and I no longer have shin pain.

shin compression sleeve

If your shins don’t hurt you, consider yourself lucky. However, if they do hurt, consider a good quality shin compression sleeve. Good luck and happy running.